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Arilje, Srbija
In the production facility, highly skilled personnel of various professions are employed and organized into four departments, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the production process. This enables us to produce around 300,000 clothing items annually. The design department employs young and experienced designers and pattern makers who develop collections at a record pace in order to successfully meet all the demands of trends and customer expectations. The cutting department is equipped with the latest Lectra technologies for pattern-making and vector cutting, allowing pattern creators to easily organize, store, retrieve, and utilize digital capabilities in production.
This achieves a high level of efficiency, operational excellence, minimal costs per cut part, and a focus on the most important aspect: creating the best patterns for delivering perfectly fitting and high-quality products in record time. The sewing department, with over 25 sewing machines, is connected to the Logimove production management system, which enables continuous monitoring of production, maximum production flexibility, and control of production and processing times, resulting in a productivity increase of 30%, eliminating downtime on the production line, and the ability to work on multiple models simultaneously. The quality assurance department carefully and thoroughly inspects each product to ensure that it meets high-quality requirements and is compliant with current standards.
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