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Arilje, Srbija
Inspiration, innovation, textile transformation Our story began in 1991 when we started textile clothing production with 5 employees and 4 sewing machines. From the very beginning, our goal has been to produce high-quality clothing that is consistently recognizable for its excellence and to uphold high standards in all areas of our business. We are dedicated to meeting the needs and expectations of our clients and partners, and we have invested heavily in qualified personnel, modern technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and raw materials and supplies from world-renowned global manufacturers to achieve this goal. Each product we create is the result of great responsibility, a love for our work, and the dedication of each of our employees. Over the years, our workforce has significantly grown, and today we are recognized as a reputable company employing more than 50 workers and producing around 300,000 clothing items annually, specializing in the production of textile clothing, protective and sportswear. We are recognized as a highly efficient and flexible company, capable of fulfilling the expectations and requirements of our partners and customers while maintaining high-quality standards. We operate in the markets of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, and Norway, where we collaborate with renowned companies such as UNHCR, Amundsen Sports, Coca-Cola, Apatinska pivara, Kulturni centar Beograda and many other leaders in their industries. Our goal is to become the first and long-term choice for all our associates, partners, and customers.
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